Michael is a rather cynical journalist who is investigating a series of events that seem to be miracles of sorts. All of the happenings point to a man named Zachary. When Michael and Zach meet a cross country adventure begins that takes Michael far outside his comfort zone. Michael begins to understand the true meaning of life and our relationship with a higher power.

Having been an avid reader all my life I can honestly say I have never read a book like Mr. Breeze before. It made me feel good and it made me think. This is a relatively short book (I read it in a day) that everyone should read. There are some who will find it controversial but I believe most will find it uplifting. I am very much looking forward to the sequel. I recommend Mr. Breeze to all of my readers.

First off I’d like to say THANK YOU to Morrie Richfield for writing this incredible inspirational fantasy!! Second-in my humble opinion-I think it should be translated into every conceivable language and read by literally everyone in the world!!

“What if everything we were ever taught to believe about God, religion and who we are was wrong. What would we do if we came face to face with our maker?” (from back of book)

Michael Ryan-a photo journalist keeps hearing stories about someone who seems very ordinary but does extraordinary things—like saving people who are as close to death as they can be. Michael at first is skeptical, but having heard the same type of tales from many people decides he wants to meet this person. He finally does and the journey he takes with Mr. Breeze is nothing short of incredible.

There is a warning on the last page of the book from Mr. Breeze---which is all he ultimately asked Michael to do –no I’m not going to write it for you—you will just have to read this journey for yourself!
MR. BREEZE follows the increasingly amazing experiences of freelance photojournalist Michael Ryan as he hears of stories about a man named Zack, who can seemingly perform inhuman feats that could be called miraculous. Ryan eventually meets Zack and becomes, at Zack’s insistence, Zack’s messenger. Along the way, a dog named Rover, who also possesses otherworldly powers, joins Zack and Ryan in their adventures, which include a remarkable visit to the Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta, in search of a cure for AIDS.
The secret of who Zack is and why he has chosen Ryan to tell his story to the world forms the surprising and moving climax to the book.


"Disturbing in an intriguing way, however; disturbing in a way that challenged and pushed against all my preconceived notions and deeply held convictions."
- Nicole Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

"It made me cheer! It made me cry! But most of all it made me think - BRAVO!"
- Kelli O, New Hope, PA

"Truly Unique. I've never read anything like this before!" - Natalie D, Raleigh, NC "Wow!" - Cindy M, Pretty Prairie, KS "I read it twice!" - Joe M, Hollywood, FL "Hello Hollywood - here's your next hit movie!" - Patti T, Chelmsford, MA

Mr. Breeze
Morrie Richfield

136 pages

Mr. Breeze is a story that challenges beliefs: About God, religion and human behavior. Author Morrie Richfield’s first novel provides a view of the world through the eyes of a photojournalist and a man who is doing incredible deeds across the United States. In the book, Richfield reveals the frailty of humankind as well as the responsibility we all have to each other. 

Michael Ryan is a freelance photojournalist with twenty years of experience in his field who has decided to stop chasing negative stories. His new focus is to report on stories of people helping each other. As Michael and his researchers track incidents from across the country, a common thread arises: One man has been a participant in helping several people in miraculous ways. After interviewing journalists who admitted off the record that the stories they filed did not include the man bringing a child back to life or saving and healing a bus load of elderly passengers after a bus accident, Michael decides that this is the story he must follow. The man has not been identified. All pictures that have been taken of him somehow failed to record his image. Michael decides to find the mysterious good Samaritan. As it turns out, the man who calls himself Mr. Breeze chooses Michael to write his story. 

Once Michael makes contact with Mr. Breeze, he joins him in a journey that involves making major medical discoveries and providing invaluable assistance to law enforcement. As he travels with Mr. Breeze, Michael struggles with understanding who his companion is and how he is able to do so many amazing things. 

Richfield’s writing is simple and direct. He is an impressive storyteller with creative vision. The book is one continuous text, there are no chapters. This may be an issue for some readers, but I have to admit that I didn’t notice this until I was at least fifty pages into the book. This speaks to the author’s ability to capture the reader’s attention. 

I found it interesting that the character charged with telling the story of the mystical Mr. Breeze’s is a man with no religious or spiritual foundation; someone who believes only in what is logical. Michael’s objectivity is the perspective Mr. Breeze desires for the telling of his story.  

This book tangles with the one question all good writers seek to answer in their work. What if? What if God and religion are not what we believe them to be? What if the pain and heartache we struggle with as a global community could be resolved by simply changing how we treat each other, not by waiting for a god or higher power to save us?    What if the power to lead better lives lies within each individual? This story challenges readers to consider these hard questions. 

Mr. Breeze is a great story that young and adult readers will enjoy and learn from. I highly recommend it. 

Melissa Brown Levine

Independent Professional Book Reviewers

Pacific Book Review

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n this novel, freelance photojournalist Michael Ryan finds himself living in a world that’s unsettled, where the front page headlines daily talk of atrocities throughout the globe. It’s a time when people are simply searching for something to believe in. Reading the opening paragraphs of Mr. Breeze eerily brought images to mind of the world in which we are living in today. On a mission to rediscover what is right in the world, Ryan sets out on a mission to find stories of “goodness,” random acts of kindness and of sacrifice. Neither he nor the reader could imagine where this chase after a story would take him.

Ryan’s search quickly pinpoints to an unknown stranger who is popping up around the country, performing often miraculous tasks. Reports of him are vague, as many are afraid that if they actually reported what they had witnessed, no one would believe them. Unsure of how to find this mysterious man, if he is just a man, Ryan’s search is aided by this man himself, who somehow was able to sense that Ryan was going to be searching him out. Unbeknownst to Ryan, this had been in the plans all along.

Ryan’s journey with this man, known as Zack or Mr. Breeze, is one of miracles and violence. Admitting to be known in the past by many names, including many historical religious figures, even God himself, Zack is not the typical higher power that most are accustomed to believe in. This is where the book becomes an intense read; for me, the fact that Zack was not only full of love but also full of so much anger and hatred, was disturbing. Disturbing in an intriguing way, however; disturbing in a way that challenged and pushed against all my preconceived notions and deeply held convictions. If you are a reader who likes a book that makes you think, you can find yourself at home absorbed in these pages
As the story goes on, the reader is left to ponder whether we as a race slow down progress and hope through our own actions. It also leaves the reader rooting for and championing the cause of all that is good in the world today. Where there is darkness, there is also light.

As a writer, Richfield has a very conversational style. The pages are filled with witty comments that make you smile to yourself. The book itself has no chapters, which I honestly did at first find a little bit distracting. I feel as though this book was written to challenge what readers consider to be the norm, and leaving out the chapters was just another way to place readers outside of their comfort zone. Author Morrie Richfield has assembled an intriguing set of information, questions and thoughts for us to ponder about the meaning of our lives.